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At Greenwood ISD Education Foundation, we believe that investing in our kids is investing in our future. We aim to galvanize our community to provide additional opportunities for every child in our school district and additional support for our teachers and staff. Join us in making a difference!



Our mission is to inspire community investment in our students, teachers, and schools, and to enhance and support the work that makes GISD the preferred district in the region.

We strive to create opportunities for all learners by providing access to innovative programs and essential resources. As the philanthropic partner of GISD, we aim to bolster their strategic initiatives.

The Foundation achieves its mission by:

Why this effort is so important:

Improved Educational Opportunities: We strive to enhance educational opportunities within the community. We support schools, teachers, and students by providing funding for innovative programs, resources, and extracurricular activities that enrich the learning experience. These initiatives help foster a stimulating and engaging educational environment, leading to improved academic outcomes and overall student success.
Support for Teachers: We recognize the critical role teachers play in shaping the future of a community. We provide support and resources for educators, empowering them to deliver high-quality instruction and stay updated with the latest teaching methods. By investing in teachers, we hope to contribute to an overall improvement of the education system.
Community Engagement: We seek to actively engage with the local community, forming partnerships with businesses, organizations, and parents to achieve educational goals. This community involvement fosters a sense of shared responsibility and collective effort in promoting education.